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Self hypnosis or meditations for attracting money fast into your life, but its more than just attracting money, its manifesting your overall abundance and blessings. Unless you specify that its cash you need, you'll be blessed still but with things other than cash. Awesome, but your bank won't take a pecan pie for payment on your mortgage. So manifest money now, by raising your positivity and vibrations. That starts with your internal self work. GO! Thanks and God Bless!

Sunday, July 12, 2015


Qmee is a FREE browser app installed easily into any major browser that gives you CASH rewards for clicking results you would otherwise click anyways for no reward.

Install the Qmee browser app into your browser. Any time you use any of your favorite sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon or eBay, if Qmee has results relevant to your search, they will show on the left side. These are in addition to the results you'd normally see, but Qmee rewards have cash rewards next to them - if you like the result, simply click on it to collect your reward.

Your rewards are collected in an online piggybank that you can cashout to your Paypal at any time - that's right, there is no minimum cashout so if you have 10cents in your Qmee piggybank and want it in your Paypal, just cashout!

You can also choose to donate your rewards to charity.

Qmee results don't show all the time - only when we have something relevant for you.

Qmee is FREE to use, so go ahead and tell your friends and followers about it and invite them to sign up.

Search with no rewards or search with cash rewards with Qmee - it makes perfect "cents!"

And yes, QMee DOES pay.... I have been paid by Qmee and it is daily pay for search results....

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hello Hello! Welcome to Daily Pay 2015! Let's Start Out With Yakamore

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Hello everyone, welcome to my new blog, this blog is for the small to medium size sites that are out there for online entrepreneurs and business owners. On this site there will be anything from PTC sites to bigger network sites. I joined a ptc site this morning and upgraded and about 20 minutes ago I upgraded my Yakamore membership so I think those are the 2 that I will start with. First, being Yakamore since its a more technologically advanced network rather than just a ptc site, but Free PTC Traffic has no minimum payout and pays daily. YET - Yakamore will be paying better in the long run. So just pick one or both - whichever you would prefer. Enjoy! I will post more sites as time permits. Thank you!

new promotion banner3 Yakmore...The Business Friendly Social Media Site

Yakamore...The New Social Media Site specifically designed for Business.

Now is the time to get in.

http://www.yakamore.com/shanni Yakamore is the Business Friendly Social Media Site.

*Your posts can be up to 500 Characters long

*You Can Target Your Posts to a niche audience.

*Yakamore builds a list of Trackers (followers) for you on auto pilot.

* There are no requirements and no limits on how many people you can follow or or how many people can follow you. We call them trackers:)

* You Can email your Trackers and you can even send your emails to a targeted group.

* You can post from Yak to Sokule, one of the most popular Social Media sites on the net

* You Can Post from Sokule to Yak. Yak will be the 87th posting site for Sokule.

* All of your Sokule signups are already in your Yak downline and all new sign up at Sokule will automatically be signed up under you at Yak.

* We ping up to 100 weblogs for you with each post so the search engines know you are there.

* There is an income builder at the site where you can promote 3 top earning programs at the same time you are promoting Yakamore.

* You can join at any one of four membership levels Free Basic, Business, Executive

* You will ea*rn commi-ssions up to 40% on each upgraded member you bring in

* You can purchase sponsored Yaks at the site for a song. They will show on all Yak profiles in the third and sixth positions at the site and rotate throughout the network. Grab one of these as soon as you sign up. They are selling for a pittance now but those prices will not last. I gobbled up some myself just now.

Other applications will be added daily as we develop the site

Yakamore, The Business Friendly site where Businesses go to make sales. Join Us Right here http://www.yakamore.com/shanni

Shanni Sullivan

PS: Executive and Business Memberships

If you can swing it, grab the one time offer for the executive membership. This is our founding membership at Yak and every application we add, you get. You pay once and that's it forever. See you there!

And then there's Free PTC Traffic - check that out here =>> Get paid as soon as you earn and no minimum payout, will pay daily. I did upgrade there plus I bought a traffic package so I will be earning a lot of money for this and my other programs. Thanks for your support!

Awesomesauce for the 2015 Holidays - Have A Look at our FAVORITES!

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